​The smartest Soup dispenser in the world

High technology to distribute
authentic and fresh soup during 12 hours

The first automated soup dispenser

Say goodbye to your classic, unhygienic soup kettle,
offering soup for only a few hours.

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The world’s first soup machine serving a delicious ready-to-use soup made from fresh, all natural ingredients. No powder diluted with water, real soup!


A worldwide unique “closed” system, the Soup-Server guarantees perfect hygiene, prevents the transmission of bacteria and provides constant taste quality. 

Up to 12 liters of perfectly fresh soup for 12 hours.

Our innovative automatic dispenser of fresh organic soup is a cutting-edge machine that serves vegetable-based soups automatically. The smart pot, equipped with an interactive and informative touch screen tablet, can keep the soup at 68 °C for up to 12 hours. It can be connected to a water supply or work autonomously, with a capacity to store up to 12 liters of liquid (one single reference). The pot also features an automatic cleaning system, making it very convenient at the end of service.


12 hours

Auto cleaning

No burning,
same taste



spup server vending machine

Soup Server®

The SOUP-SERVER® brings a soup revolution in the food service industry. To consumers it offers a superior quality soup experience never encountered before. This unique - remotely managed - vending machine is able to serve thick, rich soup with parts of genuine ingredients, like tomato, mushrooms or other vegetables and pieces of meat.

Excellent and healthy soup recipes in combination with the SOUP-SERVER® make it possible to consume a tasty bowl of soup every day at any moment in time. The SOUP-SERVER® has the look and feel of a consumer product with an intuitive touchscreen user interface, which makes this distributor machine very easy to use. It is now possible to offer a culinary soup experience at locations where this was not possible before. The SOUP-SERVER® is compact, attractive and eye-catching. The machine can be remotely managed and monitored in respect of several functions.

A key aspect is that the SOUP-SERVER®, through the unique QR code technique, will only accept SOUP-SERVER® SOUP. When presenting a new bag of soup to the machine, the machine will check the unique QR code, verify the soup variety, the expiry date, whether the factory has placed a re-call for this production batch and whether this bag of soup has been offered before.

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No powder, just natural soup


From 80ml to 500ml/portion

Auto-cleaning process

For retailers, gaz stations, enterprises, hospitals, schools and more...

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